April 1, 2010

One house in fashionable North London – significant majority owned by Barclays Bank

Extensive collection of fashionable underwear ranging from sizes “s” in the more historic designs to “M” in current.

Collection of gym gear and memberships with halfhearted view to reversal of above trend

Extensive collection of dull porn (the triumph of hope over experience)

3 “no-ones ever going to love you like I do”

3 validations of the proposal to date

Ragtag collection of friends of varying oddity

Set of unused garden implements

Many unknown lads unlikely to turn at midnight with a cry

Soppy introspective poetry books

Pretty pictures

Large bed

Situations vacant.


One Response to “Trousseau”

  1. You left out ‘Various purloined DVD boxsets’.

    (Well, 18 months ago that would have been really funny) 😉

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