Iris’ blues

December 30, 2009


A noble aspiration but occasionally hard felt.

It is thus on hearing the news that the nasty flower of Norn Ireland, Iris Robinson, is to retire due to illness and ongoing depression.

The nasty inner child smiled at the pronouncement of a DUP colleague that the resignation had “come out of the blue” which was, I am sure, an unintended poetry.

The weathered inner cynic wondered if it was related to her little expenses embarrassment over the summer which, while not entirely of the duck house variety, earned her family the label “Swish Family Robinson”.

The really quite bitchy inner queen wondered if the bible might be a little hard on her over being depressed – I’m sure Jesus wants her for a sunbeam rather than a moody old cow. The services of her Christian psychiatrist friend, offered earlier in the year to help turn homosexuals heterosexual, might have been better utilised with some pharmaceutical dispensing given the innateness of the gay bit versus the chemical adjustment required of the blues bit.

It would certainly offer him better job satisfaction if customer cure is his ambition.

Empathy – a learned socialisation skill which increases over time through life experience. The awareness of and sympathy to the plight or experience of another. The realisation that what we have in common is less than that which divides us and that, maybe, we all need a hand to hold, whether it be to help us through the blues or maybe just the night.

Look – one doesn’t do “hello rainbow, hello cloud” very well but one can sympathise with the woman, admittedly, with the memory of her past utterances, through gritted teeth.

You would just wish that sometimes those who have a bit of crap in their lives might have a little awareness towards those who get the crap kicked out of them for no other reason than the fact of whom they share their beds and their lives  with.


One Response to “Iris’ blues”

  1. eguinan Says:

    Humour, snark AND compassion – you do spoil us this New Year’s Eve Eve….

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