Would you Adam and Eve it?

December 3, 2009

In relation to the investigation into the handling of abuse cases by the Archdiocese of Dublin, why is the Taoiseach and Irish Government defending the Vatican and the Papal Nuncio around the diplomatic niceties of ignoring/not cooperating and attempting to offshore (instructions being issued in Latin no less) the requests for and provision of documentation and information concerning the systemic attempt to hide the problem at the expense of the then and future victims.

We are not talking about Trafigura or BP here. These are the self appointed moral guardians of their membership. Let justice be done though the heavens fall and all that (or fiat justitia ruat caelum as Pope Benny might say over sherries with the girls). Where is the sense of simple right and wrong that makes a mockery of mental reservation and all that angels on pinheads nonsense that Cardinal Connell spouts.

I’m mentally reserving what I really think of him.

In other news I see the Fianna Fail (majority party in Irish govt) parliamentary party are meeting to discuss the flawed legislation that would allow Civil Partnerships.

They are, alas, seeking to flaw it some more and according to the leader of the Green party they are looking for a “freedom of conscience amendment to be stitched in to the legislation to give people a religious ‘opt-out’ in providing everyday goods and services to gay couples”.

I am, no really, too cynical to be generally outraged as this type of behaviour generally confirms my low opinion of Irish politicians and senior church people but really, in this climate, with all the crap going on, and the rain, and the economy in tatters, can nobody see the need for a little progress up rather than down the hill.

I bore myself as I write this but can no intellectual colossus in Fianna Fail (sic) not try out the old equality test of delete “gay” and insert “black”, “jew”, “woman” and see if you feel as comfortable about your freedom of conscience on religious grounds.

But, being gay is, after all, solely concerned about where you put your cock and of course cock management and usage and guidance thereon is something we clearly, clearly need to take “religious grounds” instruction on.

“Freedom of conscience” – oh fuck off.


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